• Berta Bacinger Klobučarić Zavod za javno zdravstvo Međimurske županije
  • Blaženka Bašek Hunjadi Knjižnica "Nikola Zrinski" čakovec

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prevention, children of primary school, workshops


Department of Public Health od Međimurje County, Activity mental health, prevention and outpatient drug treatment, in conjunction with the Library "Zrinski" Cakovec, designed prevention program called FLUORISH. It is a cycle of workshops for children of primary school age, with the aim of creating an accessible way for children to improve and reinforce the knowledge and skills necessary for successful adaptation to the social environment, school, peers and the challenges of society. Workshops as a form of work with children allow successfully learning, include effective ways of communication, and its dynamics are known to children. The program is designed in a manner of conducting workshops once a month. Workshop topics were related to the promotion of non-violence and healthy lifestyles: covering areas where "training" children and young people in their personal and social skills, healthy living, supplying them the capacity to successfully affirmation of our own forces, taking advantage of the ability to make good healthy and positive decisions in life teaches general and specific knowledge and skills of self-help. Some of the topics of the workshops: Love - just one of a range of feelings, Conflict resolution through play, Promotion of positive values of life. Workshop participants were children of two primary schools Cakovec, and included students from 1st to 8th grade. The workshops were lead by Blazenka Hunjadi Basek -worker of Library "Zrinski" Cakovec, and Berta Bacinger Klobučarić, psychologist of Institute of Public Health. Workshops were evaluated, and was perceived need for further implementation of the program Fluorish.

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Berta Bacinger Klobučarić, Zavod za javno zdravstvo Međimurske županije

Profesor psihologije, zaposlena u Zavodu za javno zdravstvo Međimurske županije, Djelatnost za zaštitu mentalnog zdravlja, prevenciju i izvanbolničko liječenje ovisnosti




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