The School Health Care and the Recommendations for School Health Care Services in Finland

Kaarina Järvenpää, Minna Aromaa



The following historical part of the present article is mostly based on the article in the book  of School Health  Care Service in Finland.(1)written by  dr. Pirjo Terho, the honorary chairman of the board of FASAM

School health care services have been active for over 100 years in Finland. The system and the recommendations have been changed many times during these years. The very first school doctor in Finland began his work in school already in 1885. More school doctors came in to schools in big cities at the beginning of the 20th century. School nurses came into schools as early as in 1920. Individual physical examinations came in the 1930’s. Tuberculosis was common at the time. Tuberculin tests and radioscopies were done to children in schools.

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