Najava Završne konferencije AIR projekta (Addressing Inequalities Interventions in Regions) - Budimpešta 19. travnja 2012.

Uredništvo Hrvatskog časopisa za javno zdravstvo


The AIR partners have worked on identifying practices and policies developed to reduceinequalities in primary care settings at regional level in Europe. After identifying andanalyzing these practices, the AIR team is proposing recommendations to decision makersand health professionals.The project began by a systematic review of academic. Then two questionnaires haveidentified actions which contribute to reduce health inequalities through primary caresettings in the regions of the E.U and the specific population targeted in these actions.Finally the interventions have been selected and analysed. The high standard interventionsthat have met the evaluation criteria have been scrutinized to identify the “key factors” ofsuccess. A catalogue of good practices has been developed and recommendations will bedisseminated to the policy makers and health professionals.The purpose of the AIR final conference is to present the results of the project and examplesof interventions, taking into account their efficiency, cost and target population.This conference will also be an opportunity to discuss the means to reduce healthinequalities in Europe as well as to debate the role primary care could play in the reducing ofhealth inequalities.We hope that decision makers in the field of health, health care and social policy will attend,as well as representatives from national and regional organisations concerned by the issuesof health inequalities in primary care.

To have the program of the conference and online registration, please visit the AIR web site

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