Učenici s teškoćama u osnovnoj školi

Davorka Dragojevic, Vedrana Šenjug Užarević, Ana Wagner Jakab


When talking about children with disabilities, the society over the years changed their attitudes toward children with disabilities; from the complete rejection and   ambivalence, to acceptance that lead to the  idea of integration.The integration of students with disabilities in regular education system is certainly a great step forward in the realization of their rights, but unfortunately, because of prejudices and erroneous views of the environment, students with disabilities are often subjected to violence at school.Starting from the concept of human rights and children's rights, tolerance is nowadays accepted as a fundamental value , a virtue which modern society is aiming for. The development of tolerance is an essential component in the development of the child. Learning tolerance from an early age will result with the formation of positive attitudes towards others.By encouraging tolerance among children of primary school age increases the development of empathy for others, and gives the opportunity to students with disabilities to grow and learn with their " average population " peers, it builds their confidence but also gives them chance to achieve the maximum of their potential.The aim of this paper is to review the researches that show the position of students with disabilities integrated into mainstream primary schools, as well as display models of learning tolerance for pupils of primary school age .  Key words  Students with disabilities , tolerance , violence

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učenici s teškoćama, školovanje, nasilje

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